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Medical Terminology for Interpreters - FALL 2019

Medical Terminology for Interpreters - FALL 2019

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This healthcare interpreting workshop helps professionals overcome challenges in the use of medical terminology [8 CE credits].


A knowledge of specialized vocabulary is critical to interpreters in any venue, and few venues have more specialized vocabulary than health care. Whether you are a novice interpreter just starting out or an experienced interpreter shifting to work in the healthcare field, this class will help you feel more at home in healthcare settings, be more accurate in your interpreting, and have a strategy for dealing with terminology that you don’t know.

This 8-hour class will cover the following:

  • The Latin and Greek basis of medical terminology

  • Critical English vocabulary of: the circulatory system - the digestive system - the respiratory system - the male and female reproductive systems - the endocrine system - the musculoskeletal system

  • Terminology related to tests, procedures and symptoms

  • Common acronyms in health care

  • A personal system to expand your bilingual medical vocabulary over time

This workshop will be conducted in English, with opportunities and resources available to build equivalent vocabulary in a non-English target language.


With this training you get Medical Terminology for Interpreters, 4th edition. This Cross Cultural Communications resource and workbook that will be used both in this class and in the Advanced Medical Terminology class.



Early bird registration. Use the following discount code when registering before September 17 th: AIF6GKA.

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All participants must be registered by September 10th.

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WA DSHS: 8 professional continuing education credits have been approved.

WA AOC: 8 professional continuing education credits have been approved.

CCHI: 7.75 instructional hours have been accredited nationally.



South Seattle College (West Seattle Campus) - 6000 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

Room: OLY204

Free parking available on the street. On campus parking with a permit.


Saturday October 26th and Saturday November 2nd; 1pm - 5pm

This is an 8-hour training that spans over two consecutive Saturdays. Participants who complete the training attend both Saturdays.



Cindy Roat trainer of healthcare interpreters

Cindy Roat, MPH, is a trainer of interpreters, educators and healthcare providers, and a consultant to healthcare facilities, helping them improve their language access services. An internationally renowned trailblazer in the healthcare interpreting field, Cindy is a founding member and past Co-chair of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care, a founding member of the Washington State Coalition on Language Access (WASCLA), and a former board member of the Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society (NOTIS), where she organizes and teaches workshops for healthcare interpreters. Cindy is widely recognized as an engaging public speaker and assiduous advocate for limited-English-proficient populations.


Please read carefully the following requirements for completion:

To receive a Certificate of Successful Completion, participants have to attend 100% of the course. Participants are required to be on time for every class and to not leave before the end of the class. 


You might also be interested in English Pronunciation. This class takes place in the mornings over the course of five Saturdays. Two of those Saturdays coincide with Medical Terminology for Interpreters and you could enjoy a full day of trainings!

Also, if you are left with an itch for more after you take this medical terminology trainings, you now have the option to register for Advanced Medical Terminology for Interpreters.