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Voice Care for Interpreters

Voice Care for Interpreters

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Does your throat hurt at the end of the day? Is your voice volume too low for others to hear? Do you worry about going hoarse? This workshop series is designed to help you make the best and most healthy use of the ultimate interpreter's instrument: voice! You will learn basic vocal mechanics (theory) and simple, effective voice exercises (practice) to help prevent voice-related occupational hazards and build a pain-free, clear and strong vocal tone. This is a 3-session training that spans over a full month. Each session includes simple, fun and effective daily practice exercises to help you build new, healthy vocal habits. After completing the workshop you will have learned essential vocal tools to help you develop, protect and sustain your voice throughout your career. You will be able to take care of your vocal health and will improve your effectiveness as a message conveyor!


    After completing this training you will have essential vocal tools to help you develop and sustain your voice throughout your career. You will be able to:

    • Avoid voice-related vocational hazards.
    • Adopt healthy habits.
    • Understand the connection between voice and message.
    • Improve your tone and pitch, facilitating the comprehension of the messages you convey.

    *Bonus! > Because voice involves body awareness, as you work towards finding healthy vocal habits, you will also be working on the highly praised body-mind balance. You can think about it as a mini form of yoga.


    WA DSHS: 4.5 continuing education credits have been approved. 

    WA AOC: 4.5 continuing education points have been pre- approved.

    *To receive a Certificate of Completion, participants have to attend 100% of the course.


    Kelly Kerr trainer voice coach interpreters

    Kelly Kerr is an accomplished voice coach and voice talent. She has been mastering the secrets of voice use since age 9, when her natural talent became apparent. She studied vocal performance at the University of Puget Sound and the University of Washington before joining the avant-garde Minnesota Opera Studio. Kelly has distilled the most essential vocal techniques from her 50+ years of performance, study and coaching career into a training method for the speaking and singing voice: The Kelly Kerr Vocal Method. It combines the principles of body, mind, harmonic laws, voice and consciousness. She has worked with teachers, politicians, beauty queens, preachers, tone deaf individuals, beginning to professional singers, voice healers, asthmatic patients, social innovators, and now.... interpreters!


    Impact Hub Seattle - 220 2nd Ave S Seattle WA 98104

    This building is located within blocks of most King County transit lines (bus, light rail and train) and has bike parking available in the basement. More information on location and parking can be found here.



    The deadline to register for this course is September 1st 2017. Seats are limited to 30 participants. To register simply click on the purchase button above.

    Early bird registration. Use the following 5% discount code when registering before August 21st: IVWSG7L.

    Team sign-up. Find 2 other interpreters to sign up with you before August 21st and receive a 10% discount. Information and application form for team sign-up.


    Mondays from 6 to 7.30pm: September 18th, October 2nd, and October 16th 2017. 


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